why choose  la Piccola

The reasons that will convince you to choose

La Piccola

Professional quality

All models of our machines use a professional-level technique for making espresso coffee.


Robustness and functionality

Our machines are durable and rarely suffer from limescale buildup. They are ergonomic, easy to clean and have low energy consumption.


The practicality of espresso in pods

Preparing espresso coffee using paper pods enables anyone – not just skilled operators – to get excellent results.


An healthy coffee using noble materials

Because of high working temperatures of coffee machines, the contact of water with circuits could cause releases of materials, may-be of uncertain origin, that don’t give any guarantee.  Our machines are in inox, we use paper filters and glass* water tanks, that prevent to transfer chemical waste. We are the only Company to supply Silver** as natural antibacterial agent.

*   glass tanks available for LaPiccola Piccola

** silver available for model Healthy Machine and optional for all other models

100% made in Italy

Our products are designed and made entirely in Italy (100% Made in Italy). The whole production process, starting from the selection of the materials, takes place on our premises.


Italian design

We aim to imbue our machines with the Italian taste for detail. They are designed to fit naturally into a whole range of different styling contexts.


Advantages for coffee roasters

La Piccola machines bring out the natural characteristics of coffee and make excellent espresso. A coffee roaster who decides to choose our products will not only obtain satisfaction but probably also an increase in sales.


Share our values

Our care for the environment and for sustainable development is in itself a reason for thinking: ultimately, we all live on the same planet and need to work for its long-term survival.


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25013 Carpenedolo (BS) Italy

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