Cecilia series… Professional machines for the restaurant trade


for restaurants, cafés

pubs and hotels

An excellent series of professional espresso coffee machines available in one, two, three and four group versions


Besides delivering outstanding espresso coffee, cappuccino, tisanes, infusions and chocolate, our machines are designed to be made from noble materials, using solutions aimed at achieving the maximum possible energy saving. 


Models are available with exclusively manual operation, or with mixed (manual and automatic) operation.

Attention to energy consumption and respect for the environment


The Cecilia professional series has the following features:


- Separate switches for each group or function, in order to consume energy only when necessary. 

This enables an energy saving of about 70% compared with a traditional bar machine;

- A full 3.5 litre steel thermoblock;

- Since this is a pod machine it does not require a coffee grinder and thus a further expense for the operator;

- The used paper pods are completely biodegradable and can be disposed of as wet waste in 

differentiated refuse collection systems;

- Sthanks to the pods, the machine does not require extra cleaning from coffee grounds.




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