not just coffee… try our range of tea and infusions in espresso-type pods

Not just coffee

our brand tea&salute

Espresso does not just mean coffee. Our espresso coffee machines can also be used for 

very fast preparation of many other types of beverage such as tea, tisanes, barley coffee etc. 


Extraction by this method gives high quality results with great practicality.

Our brand Tea&Salute

Our teas and infusions in pods under the Tea&Salute label are carefully sourced, and are completely natural and sugar-free. Each pod is packed in an individual envelope to seal the fragrance in. The pods are of standard ESE format diameter.

Black tea 

(cod. v1498)

Green tea 

(cod. v1146)

Lemon tea

(cod. v1184)

Peach tea 

(cod. v1185)

Wild fruit tea

(cod. v1160)


(cod. v1405)

Marley coffee 

(cod. v1443)

Contract pod packaging

We offer a contract packaging service for coffee, tea and infusions in paper pods 

of ESE type, 38 mm, double pods and Senseo type.


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