Sara series

Sara Classic

The Sara Classic model is very simple to use, small, compact and fast. The linear and minimalist design makes it suitable for all kinds of contexts, even for use alongside professional machines (see Cecilia series).


Recommended for catering (double spout), domestic and office use.

Also available with double spout

Sara Vapore

The Sara Vapore model lets you use steam to froth the milk, and so produce foaming milk and outstanding cappuccino.



The machine is equipped the steam wand with a powerful jet of steam to obtain extra foam.


With careful use you can achieve a considerable saving in electricity. The machine has two separate switches for delivering coffee and producing steam, so as to use these functions only when they are needed.


To ensure that the coffee and the steam are both at the correct temperature, this model is fitted with two separate heat-exchanger coils.

Also available with double spout

Sara Acqua

The Sara Acqua model lets you make tea and infusions in the traditional way. Water delivery is controlled by a button near the delivery spout.


Recommended for domestic and office use.

Also available with double spout

Pod formats

Formats of paper pods supported by our machines


If you are not sure whether you can use your paper pods with our machines, please contact us.

38 mm

44 mm

55 mm

1 cup

(6 g)

38 mm pod, taller and narrower. Requires special adaptor

Standard ESE pod 

(Easy Serving Espresso)

1 cup

(6,5 g)

2 cups

(12 g)

55 mm pod 

for two coffees

Contract pod packaging

We offer a contract packaging service for coffee, tea and infusions in paper pods 

of ESE type, 38 mm, double pods and Senseo type.


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