we believe in respect for the environment and sustainable development

Our values

we choose paper pods

We choose paper pods

The objective of respect for the environment guided us in the choice of paper as the medium for the pods in our coffee machines. Paper pods also enable us to produce healthier coffee. Filter paper is particularly effective in reducing the presence of grounds and other coffee residues such as waxes and oils. It is also used in pharmaceutical applications because it traps waterborne bacteria and reduces impurities. The coffee is healthier and more digestible as a result.




We design machines with low energy consumption

Our research is aimed at constantly improving our machines to make them more efficient, including in energy consumption. The model Sara Vapore is fitted with a separate switch for the steam so as to stop unnecessary steam production. The Cecilia professional model has separate switches for each group or function, as well as a thermoblock holding a generous 3.5 litres, which enables a 70% saving in energy consumption compared with a traditional bar machine.

We manufacture durable products

We believe quality products also have the feature of being eco-sustainable products.

Choosing a quality product made with good materials and good constructional techniques means less pollution. A durable machine which can be repaired even years later is a move away from "disposable" culture and therefore from obsolescent production, extra materials to dispose of and extra consumption of raw materials.





We use clean energy

We produce our machines using exclusively clean energy from non-polluting sources.


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