we are working to export a great Italian passion


made in italy

Company Profile 


La Piccola, founded by Gian Luca Venturelli, is a dynamic company with a strong ecological mind.

Producer exclusively of coffee machines for paper-filter pods, niche of market that has known a good development.

It finds a great interest in the catering sector of high quality and in all places

where excellence espresso coffee is served.

100%  made in Italy 

LaPiccola chooses proudly to defend “Made in Italy”. Our pod- coffee machines are completely designed and assembled in Italy by professional technicians, using only Italian materials, to guarantee the excellence of product and the quality trade mark.

Italian espresso all around the world 

A real excellent Espresso coffee can be prepared by anyone with our automatic coffee machines, thanks to their perfect pressure and a constant temperature.

Coffee pods can be easily carried anywhere and they maintain intact their aroma till the moment they will be used.

Quality materials 

Our decision to use noble raw materials (brass, stainless etc.) and to exclude others (aluminium, for example), is dictated by a specific wish to achieve a finished product which is not only good but also safe. We need to remember that during its preparation, coffee inevitably picks up traces of the materials with which it comes into contact. In coffee machines, the water – solvent par excellence – is rich in tannins. It is heated to high temperatures and flows through circuits made up of various materials. It is therefore very important to monitor the quality and provenance of the materials as closely as possible.
















Our objectives:


to manufacture high quality products


to carefully monitor all the stages of the production process, starting with the choice of materials


to follow a policy of responsible industrial development, respecting the environment


to spread correct espresso coffee culture, in accordance with Italian tradition, throughout the world


to see La Piccola take its place in the glorious aesthetic and functional tradition of espresso coffee machines.


Via Primo Maggio, 37

25013 Carpenedolo (BS) Italy

tel +39 030 9699420

fax +39 030 9699421 

P.IVA IT 02409020985